10 effective ways to increase Facebook followers for free in 2024

There are 10 effective methods to increase the number of followers of your Facebook page for free in 2024.

Recently, the growth of Facebook visitors has become somewhat inconsistent, due to constant updates to Facebook’s algorithms and intense competition between pages.

However, in this article we will show you several proven strategies that will help you bring free visitors to your Facebook account. All you have to do is prepare a cup of your favorite coffee, get ready with a pen and paper, and then read this article carefully and attentively.

“Facebook users”, we mean people who use the Facebook application or visit the Facebook website online. Facebook visitors are estimated in the millions of people around the world and form a large community who interact and communicate by sharing posts, comments and likes.

Facebook is considered one of the most popular social media outlets in the modern era and has had a major impact on people’s lives and the way they communicate with each other. Facebook Traffic, we would like to draw the attention of Facebook users who pass by the links of your website or blog and click on them to visit it.

Provide attractive content and share it on your personal or business page. The second method is the paid method through Facebook ads and promoting your page to targeted users. Create engaging content, and the paid method is through ads on Facebook.

In this article, we will discuss free access methods that anyone can benefit from without having to pay any financial cost.

How to get free visitors on Facebook

There are many online methods that can help you attract free visitors from Facebook. However, in this text we focus on methods that we have personally tested and have shown positive results for.

Focus on quality content

Content is the most basic and important element of social media platforms, as it forms the basis of the audience and reflects its value. Therefore, you must provide content that responds to the needs and expectations of the audience to achieve success and increase the number of visits through Facebook.

Here we discuss high-quality content that encourages interaction and encourages sharing with friends and acquaintances on the Facebook platform.

Although this concept is simple, it is one of the most effective ways to reach an audience and have a positive impact on social media, especially in the Arab world where efforts to create effective content are limited.

Many pages suffer from the lack of a clear content strategy that enables them to interact with their followers and achieve their marketing goals.

By relying on this strategy, you will be able to surpass your competitors and attract a large number of free visitors on Facebook.

Important advice: Set a specific time each month or week to prepare and plan posts, as this will give you enough time to create distinctive content instead of rushing to publish posts every day.

In addition, scheduling future posts will ensure that you do not lose the opportunity to publish daily content due to unforeseen circumstances or emergencies.

Facebook can provide you with a post scheduling feature, but for those who want to access more options, they can use the available post scheduling tools. Buffer or Hootsuite This feature provides the ability to schedule content on various social media accounts and provides valuable analytics.

Choose the right time to post

It is difficult to determine the ideal time to post on Facebook in general for all pages, but this question can be best answered when it comes to your personal page.

The ideal time to post is when your audience is showing the highest levels of activity, highly engaged and actively interacting with your Page’s posts.

Understanding and taking advantage of this time can be of great benefit to you, as it will boost the number of targeted organic visitors on Facebook.

There are many marketing professionals who have tried to determine the ideal time to post on Facebook, but it is difficult to determine precisely, as some of them indicate that it ranges between one and four in the afternoon.

However, I recommend not taking this information as facts for granted. Rather, it is recommended that you try posting at various times and then compare and analyze the results, so you can obtain accurate information about the best times to post on your page.

For example, I post videos in Morocco between 7 and 9 p.m.

Some quick tips that may help you choose the right time to publish:

1. Pay attention to the seasons:

People’s interaction with social media varies between winter and summer.

We prepare posts for special occasions and holidays, and we publish them at appropriate times, such as publishing a post in the morning on a holiday, for example.

The night before a vacation can be a great opportunity to grab the attention of Facebook users so they see your post and interact with it.

2. Understanding your audience and their lifestyles:

will help you determine the ideal time to post. For example, if your business is targeting employees, it may be preferable to post in the morning, as most working Facebook users open their accounts before or while they go to work.

In general, use your personal analysis and analysis of available data, as this is the basic element in choosing the appropriate timing for publication.

3. Take advantage of Facebook groups:

Promote your business or product and increase the number of followers of your page on Facebook. Increase the number of followers on Facebook and increase the number of visitors. This strategy works effectively whether you are targeting your own team or a group interested in a specific field.

In addition to expanding the scope of your posts and reaching a larger audience, you can use targeted groups to reach audiences interested in your topics, thus encouraging them to interact and click on your links.

Using this method, you will see an increase in the number of your Facebook followers, and with an increase in your group members, you will get greater chances to attract more visitors.

However, you should be aware that this strategy requires dedication and commitment to achieve results, however, the results you get are worth the effort.

Important advice: Do not use harsh promotion on Facebook groups. Rather, try to build trust with the group members first, and avoid putting links to your site in every post you publish.

4. Daily posting balance:

The usual recommendation from experts is to maintain a daily posting rate of between one and three posts per day. This helps keep your followers interested while achieving high engagement.

You should always pay attention to publishing only high-quality content, as this plays an essential role in attracting Facebook visitors to your website or business platform.

You can also test the reach of your posts and monitor audience engagement, as these numbers are not exactly the same and may change depending on the page and content type.

In diversifying the content of your posts, try to provide educational and useful content, and also try to publish some entertaining and funny content to enhance interaction and diversify the interests of your audience.

5. It is recommended to create partnerships with pages that have similar niches:

One effective strategy is to partner with other pages that address the same niche as yours. You can promote each other by sharing posts or using other methods of promotion.

This step contributes indirectly to increasing Facebook followers. When you can attract new followers on your Facebook page and they seem interested in what you offer, they may begin to move forward and follow the links that you share with them.

In order to successfully implement this strategy, you must be compatible with other pages and offer appropriate advantages or benefits to each party, as partnerships are not an act of charity but rather a relationship built on mutual interest.

It is also advisable to seek advice from influencers in your industry; You can pay them money in exchange for sharing your official page with their audience, and this is an effective way to promote and attract more visitors.

6. Offer contests to attract new people who are interested:

One very effective way to activate your Facebook page is to organize contests, as these encourage followers to interact with your posts and at the same time attract new followers on Facebook.

Learning and developing skills. The number of followers on Facebook means an increase in the number of people who follow your account on the platform, and this means that more people will interact with your content and you will have a larger group of audiences interested in what you offer. You encourage visitors from Facebook to visit your site. You can set rules for the competition that require the page to be shared among friends on Facebook, and specify an incentive prize that encourages followers to participate. It is also preferable that the award be relevant to your field to attract an interested audience.

If you are interested in this idea, please: The best site for choosing winners on YouTube is a random drawing site on Facebook.

7. Use hashtags:

Hashtags are an effective tool for communication across social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms.

Use hashtag regression smartly in your posts to get more organic traffic from Facebook. In addition, you can take advantage of popular trends on Facebook by using hashtags to reach a large number of people.

Hashtags can be divided into two types:

Trend-related hashtags are most influential on Twitter while also remaining useful on Facebook. It is used to express a specific event by writing words separated by the hashtag “#”. You can search for hot events in your industry and use them in your posts.

Example: #important_event

B. Domain-related hashtag It is a general hashtag that is used frequently and is not related to a specific event, but is related to a specific domain. You can use it regularly to attract Facebook users searching for this domain.

Example: #private_domain

8. Invest in responding to your followers and encouraging them to comment:

Trying to respond to followers’ comments on Facebook is a powerful tool that you may not realize is effective until you try it. Responding to comments shows you care about your followers and boosts engagement with your posts, resulting in increased reach and more organic Facebook visitors.

When you respond to your followers’ comments on Facebook, your friends and followers will be able to see the content of your post, which will motivate them to follow your page and visit the links you post. This type of interaction contributes to increasing the number of visitors from Facebook, and the more you encourage followers to comment, the higher the percentage of visits.

Humor and humor can be used in responses to comments to attract more engagement.

9. Adopt the use of Facebook Stories as a way to reach a new audience:

Leveraging Facebook Stories may make it easier for you to reach a larger audience of followers. This modern tool provides you with the opportunity to display an image at the top of the application with the ability to place a link to your website pages.

Anecdotes can be an easy and effective way to avoid the complexities of Facebook algorithms influencing your posts. Facebook Stories allow you to share photos and links directly, and this makes it easy for your followers to access the content you share.

Stories provide you with statistics on the number of users who saw the story and how they viewed it, in addition to enabling you to easily share it on your Facebook and Instagram accounts at the same time, which enhances the interaction of followers with your content.

10. You can promote your personal page on Facebook through your blog and other means of communication:

Promoting your Facebook page through your blog and other social media is an essential step to increasing the number of active followers on your page.

This type of advertising makes it easy for visitors to follow the latest posts and published links, which encourages them to participate and increase the number of organic visits via Facebook.

“Become a follower of us on Facebook” so that readers can easily find your Facebook page. This is done by inserting a prominent and visible Facebook icon in a prominent place on your page, notifying readers of the potential benefit of following your Facebook page. Follow us on Facebook now You can also put it in your post Articles published on your blog.

In addition, you can sometimes share your Facebook Page links on your other social media accounts such as Instagram via Stories or Twitter.

In conclusion, we will present a set of basic tips that will contribute to increasing the number of free visitors from Facebook.

Important tips to increase the number of organic traffic on Facebook.

Diversify the content Studies have shown that posts containing only links achieve a lower impression rate, so it is recommended to diversify the content, for example:
Entertainment images relevant to your site’s niche.
Short videos contain valuable information.
An infographic is a visual medium used to illustrate a specific idea.
Offer topics for discussion.
Page members are asked to share their opinions and ideas.
Honesty in titles: Avoid using misleading titles in publications, as these actions may lead to losing your credibility. People tend to retaliate if they feel cheated, which can lead to them unfollowing your page and reporting it to others.

Human Communication: Treat your fans as if they were people who loved to smile and have fun. Be cheerful and kind in your interactions with them.

Invitation to subscribe: Your followers are asked to share your posts and put your page on their first list. They are also asked to hit the like button if they like the content.

Diverse Content Be keen to provide others with new and diverse information rather than constantly focusing on marketing explicitly. Share content that benefits followers and contributes to increasing their knowledge.

Attractive headlines Make headlines attractive and interesting to gain the attention of your followers without using cheating.

Monitoring competitors In order to benefit from the ideas and successes of others, you should follow appropriate competitor strategies in the same field.

Tell us your experience in the comments, and if you have other useful experiences to share, we welcome hearing and discussing them.

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