Earn $500 a month from converting audio into writing

Many young people are looking for opportunities to profit from the Internet through freelancing, and the latter is considered one of the best ways to make income in the world of the Internet. Therefore, I would like to propose to you an interesting idea: make money by converting audio files into written texts, known as “transcription”.

Audio transcription is one of the most successful ways to make money from the Internet. But I cannot promise you that you will earn $100 a day, but you can earn respectable amounts, depending on your experience in this field and your level of language.

There are many ways to profit from converting audio files into written texts, but today I would like to share with you a site called “Transcribeme”. This site offers between $15 and $22 per audio file transcribed. According to what was stated on the official website, you can make this profit in one hour, but you must be highly experienced and skilled, and have a good level of the language.

If you are interested and have experience in the language, and want to make money from converting audio to text, then you are in the right place, because I will explain the site to you in detail.

Earn money by converting audio into writing

Many people are looking for sites that offer financial services for converting audio files into text in several languages. In fact, there are five popular sites: Scribie, Gotranscript, Rev, GMR Transcription, and Verbal ink, in addition to Speechpad. However, in this lesson we will focus on explaining the Transcribeme website.

Before we start explaining the site, let’s first learn about the concept of converting audio to text and how to make money from it. Converting audio to text is a very simple process if you are skilled in the English language. The idea of the business is to listen to the audio file and write the words as they are pronounced, and you can earn between fifteen dollars and twenty-two dollars per hour. The question that may arise is why not use artificial intelligence? The answer is that AI is not as reliable as humans who have the ability to listen and verify words and letters accurately.

There are companies that want to convert the spoken words in audio files into text. Your task is to listen carefully and write down what you hear accurately. Once finished, the company carefully reviews the text and then transfers the money to your account on the site itself.

What is Transcribeme

The Transcribeme website is considered one of the oldest platforms that provide audio transcription services, as it was founded in 2011. The website provides the audio-to-text conversion service as part of its many services, but what concerns us currently is that the site acts as an intermediary between the freelancer (freelance worker) like you and Client.

The role of the site is considered a very important tool if you are fluent in English or other languages, as the site provides you with opportunities easily, without the need to search and negotiate with companies individually, which saves you time and effort. When you are registered on the site, you can start receiving work and converting audio files into text, all from the comfort of your home.

What are the requirements to work on the transcribeme website?

Frankly, there are a set of conditions that the site seems to impose, which may not be available to many Arab youth. But you can work on developing yourself in the future and return to exploring other sites that offer similar opportunities.

If you have the ability to meet these conditions, you may be congratulated, as you can earn between $300 and $600 per month. It is necessary that you have a comprehensive command of the English language, and that you possess a certificate proving your level of education in this field. You must also not have any hearing problems, have an internet connection, and a laptop or desktop computer. It is recommended that you choose a quiet place to listen clearly, and you should use high-quality headphones.

Ways to profit from converting audio into writing on a website

Once you figure out how to use a voice-to-text site, you can start making money from it. As mentioned earlier, you have to provide the conditions required for it to work this way.

If you have previously worked on transcription sites, you will find that working on this site is very similar to your previous work. However, let’s go over how to monetize this site.

First and foremost, you need to realize that this company works hard to provide customers regularly, which means that when customers come in, they are contacted to convert voice to text. This is where you come in as a freelancer to make money, as you can earn between $15 and $22 per hour, and sometimes up to $70, depending on the type of service provided.

Additional information for those interested: The client raises the sound on the site, then the work team divides the sound into parts that do not exceed approximately 10 minutes, and then they are presented in the Work hub panel through which you can start earning money.

  1. You must visit the Transcribeme website.
  2. Once you enter the Freelancers section, comes the next step.
  3. You are asked to join the team as a freelancer, and of course the subscription is free as shown in the pictures.
  4. You will need a PayPal account to receive profits, and this is the best way to earn money online; Since PayPal is available worldwide.
  1. After subscribing, you can start transcribing audio files and converting them to text.
  2. Once completed, you upload the text and audio clip to the site, where it is reviewed by the team to ensure there are no errors.
  3. When all files have been collected and reviewed, the funds will be sent to you.

Ways to register and profit from the site

As we mentioned earlier, joining a transcription service is a challenge, due to the intense competition and the necessity of meeting the required conditions. But if you are interested, you will definitely put in the effort to make money converting audio into writing; This project is really profitable.

The registration process on the site is very easy, and does not require prior experience. All you have to do is click on “Freelancer Login”, then “Sign Up”, and fill in your personal information including email.

After registering, you can access the Freelancers section as we mentioned previously, then go down to the bottom where you will find “Getting Started as a Freelancer is Simple,” and then click on “Start Freelancing” to start as a freelancer.

You have to fill out a form with the correct information, and then a new account will be opened for you. Once you enter, you will find a comprehensive video explanation that shows you how to start converting audio to text.

The next step is to pass a pre-work test, and here you must demonstrate your strong English language skills. However, the site is known to accept most applicants, as the test is not considered difficult.

The site offers a feature for freelancers, where you can test your abilities only once using a clip that does not exceed 2 minutes. If you fail the test, you can take it again after about a month.

How much are Transcribeme’s profits?

The site actually offers respectable amounts of money daily by converting audio into writing, where you can earn between 15 and 22 dollars per hour. The nice thing is that audio clips usually do not exceed 0 minutes, so if you think deeply and have the strength and determination, you can make a large number of clips, which means greatly increasing profits.

When your profits reach $20 or more, the amount will be sent to your PayPal account, and payment will be made on a weekly basis.

The Transcribeme audio-to-writing website is considered one of the best online profit sites, as it can be relied upon as a continuous monthly source of income. The site is distinguished by the fact that it is not limited to a specific period of time, but users can use it permanently to generate income.

In conclusion, I wish everyone success in working online, while emphasizing the importance of adhering to halal and ethical behavior in everything we do.

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