How can I start making money from Facebook Rails? (Comprehensive guide with practical steps)

Obtaining profits from Facebook is truly one of the best and most important methods for making money. With the rapid development of the Internet today, and the success and spread of the Facebook platform, the Internet has become more important in the current era.
There are also many ways to make money from the Facebook platform, but in this article I will only give you how to make money online through Facebook live videos.
You can consider this article, dear follower, as your comprehensive guide to making a profit from Facebook Rails.
Here I give you a comprehensive guide on how to get profits from using the Rails feature on Facebook.
Nowadays, making money from Rails has become one of the best ways to make money online in general. There are many people who make significant and respectable monthly amounts from this field.

In this article, we will learn in detail how to get profits from Facebook Rails, and I just want you to read this blog until the end.

1. What are Rails?

Simply put, Facebook Reels is an application for sharing short videos of less than a minute.
You can easily edit them, add music, and use many filters and effects.
Reel videos spread very quickly, as your video clip can gain a huge number of views in a very short time. In contrast, long videos need a very long time before they are widely viewed.

2. Why is Facebook Reels a strong challenge to TikTok?

In order to understand the method and pattern of the spread of the Facebook Reels platform, we must remember the striking phenomenon of the spread of TikTok videos. It is undeniable the great success that Tik Tok has achieved in a very short time, as it surpassed the reach of Facebook in a period of 18 years.

The strategy of racing between companies in the TikTok Challenge appeared directly through the launch of the Reels feature on the Instagram platform. Over time, Meta quickly realized that it could carry out a more effective counterattack by also adding this feature on Facebook, the most popular and currently used social media platform.

Why is Facebook Rails an ideal opportunity to monetize?

In fact, there are many reasons why making money from Rails is an unmissable opportunity for everyone, as you can make huge profits every month.

Among the factors that make Facebook Rails ideal and suitable for making money from, there are:

1. is spreading quickly

In fact, videos in Rails are known for their viral speed. So you shouldn’t be surprised if your first video gets thousands of views in a very short time.

As we all know, the current era is the era of speed par excellence, as everyone is looking forward to obtaining information as quickly as possible. Meta has exploited this trend to its advantage.

2. Ease of preparing content

In fact, preparing short videos that are less than 60 seconds is not a major challenge, unlike preparing long videos that require many hours, and perhaps days. But the situation changes completely with short videos, where you can create a video in less than 5 minutes.

There is also a great feature in Facebook Reels which is the ability to use videos from someone else and edit them to give it a personal touch and make it more engaging, this will definitely help in creating a Reels video in no time.

3 New style of advertising

Have you ever asked yourself which ads will appear in short videos that are no more than one minute?

In fact, Facebook will rely on two completely new types of ads to appear on Facebook Reels:

A) Banner ads appear as semi-transparent banners under railway tracks. Through this design, viewers will be able to enjoy watching the content without interruption, while the ads are presented in an unobtrusive manner.

Ad Stickers: Creators can place ads statically anywhere within videos, and thanks to this design, you can cover different areas of the clip with various ads without negatively affecting the quality of the content.

Indeed, Reels videos are considered one of the best ways to make money from Facebook at the moment.

4 Proper promotion of your content

Since the emergence of the short video feature on social media platforms, brands and content creators have noticed that these videos achieve very large views. Consequently, the number of followers has increased significantly, which contributes to the appropriate spread of their content and products.

With Facebook Reels, you can grow your audience and capture the attention of all Facebook users.

How can I start earning from Facebook Rails by following practical steps?

After we got to know Reel videos well, in this paragraph we will now learn about the practical steps that you must follow and understand in order to make a profit from Facebook through Reel videos.
Among the basic steps that you must understand and realize are:

Start by creating Facebook Reels

Creating stories on Facebook does not require much effort. Rather, it is very easy and simple, and you can start by following the following steps:

Open the Facebook application on your mobile phone and go to the “Reels” section located at the top of the “News Feed” section.

Next, click on the “Create Reels” button located in this section.

Once done, you have several options to create your video, you can record a video in real time or upload pre-recorded videos from your phone’s gallery.

Now it’s time to edit! You can trim clips and specify the desired length before sharing them as a Reels clip, in addition to the ability to add effects, stickers, and texts to make the clip attractive and enjoyable for viewers.

There are many additional options available to help you achieve the desired effect, such as:

a) Effects: You can select the appropriate effect and filters for the clip.

b) Add Music: You can choose a song from the Facebook music library or record your own voice to add to the video. The nice thing is that your original voice will remain preserved, allowing people to use it to create their own reels. You can also speed up or slow down parts Of audio or video.

c) Timer: Use the time clock to set the video recording period and stop recording automatically, allowing you not to use your hands to stop recording.

Rely on these tools to help create high-quality videos on Rails.

As we all know, if you want to make money from Rails, it is important that your videos are impressive and attention-grabbing. Therefore, you must rely on programs and applications that enable you to edit videos professionally.

Indeed, there are many tools and programs that will definitely help you create professional videos using Rails.

1 Adobe Premiere Rush application

Adobe Premiere Rush is considered one of the excellent applications for editing videos, as Adobe has released this new and innovative application for editing video clips on phones.

Adobe Premiere Rush enables you to use all the advanced features to edit your videos right from your smartphone, and the interesting thing is that this application is available for free, and it has no watermarks on the videos.

The application interface is very easy to use. You can easily access all the editing tools you need. You can create slow motion videos, adjust the speed of audio and video, and add texts and smooth transitions to your video clips.

The app’s extensive library offers you thousands of audio clips, sound effects, animated titles, and transitions, enhancing the appeal of your videos.

2 VN Video Editor application

VN Video Editor is one of the best video editing apps available on mobile phones. Many people rely on this app to edit their videos.

All you need is to choose the video clip you want to edit, and then you will discover the many amazing features that this application offers you.

With the ability to add transitions and FX effects such as screen shake, zoom, and slow motion, you can give your clips a professional and aesthetic touch.

What distinguishes this application is the ability to save video in 4K resolution.

3 Application in shot

The in shot application is considered one of the best auxiliary applications that has the ability to allow the user to edit his videos in a very professional manner. It is no secret that many people rely on this application, and there are two versions of the in shot application available; One is free and the other is paid.

The paid version offers an improved user experience without a watermark, and has many features. However, the free version can also be put to good use, and you can remove the watermark for free by watching an ad before exporting.

The free version offers a bunch of professional features like adjusting the aspect ratio, adding music along with effects, changing speed….etc.

You can export your videos in high definition including 720p, 1080p and 4K.

Follow these ideas to ensure the success of your clips on Facebook Reels.

If you aim to achieve success in profiting from Rails, it is necessary for you to follow these tips and points that we will learn about soon.

As we all know, making money from Facebook through real-life videos has become one of the best ways to make money from the Internet nowadays. To ensure your success in this field, you must follow a set of points and tips that include:

1 Choose a suitable topic

Nowadays, there is a wide variety of engaging topics that you can work on, and entertaining and funny videos are among the most popular content.

As a tip, choose a specific field based on your experience or skills. For example, if you are skilled in the field of commerce, you should create content related to this field, because you have extensive experience and the ability to be creative in it.

2 Develop an appropriate plan

If you really want to profit from Facebook through video clips, you must develop an appropriate business plan aimed at attracting the largest possible number of followers interested in your clips.

For example, your business plan might be to simply upload videos to your Rails account for 30 days. After this period has elapsed, you can analyze the results and fix any errors.

3 Use appropriate hashtags

In fact, utilizing the right hashtag is one of the important factors in ensuring the success of your videos.

Therefore, choose many tags related to the content you provide. It is inappropriate for your video to talk about how to make money from the Internet, for example, and to place tags that are inappropriate for your video content.

Compliance with Facebook Rails Terms

In order to make a profit from Rails, you must adhere to a set of conditions, including:

The content that is published must be the property of the writer and must not violate the copyright or intellectual property rights of other people.
The duration of the video must not exceed 60 seconds, and it must be in MP4 format.
The relative aspect ratio of 16:9 must be followed to ensure that content appears optimal on a variety of screens and mobile devices.
The video resolution must be at least 1080p, and if available, 4K is the best.

Ways to make money from Facebook Rails

As we mentioned earlier, making money from Reel videos is one of the best ways to make money online. There are many ways available through which you can make money from Rails.

In this paragraph, we will learn about three main ways to earn money from the Internet through YouTube videos, and among these methods are:

1. bonus program

Currently, the rewards program is one of the best ways to earn money from videos on the Rails app, however, this program is currently only available to some creators in the United States.
The program aims to encourage creators to create and share their own content, as they receive monthly amounts of up to $35,000. Additionally, there are some creators who can easily earn amounts of up to $500 per day when sharing their content on Facebook.
It is also possible to activate the bonus program in other countries, including Arab countries, and this method is considered one of the best ways to profit from the Internet in general.

2. ads

banner) and text ads. Banner ads are a type of advertisement that appears in the form of a banner or banner on websites, and includes an image and text. Text ads are ads that appear in the form of text on websites. In order to profit from these ads, people can sign up for Rails affiliate programs that serve these ads, and will be paid a commission for every click or interaction made on the ad. Banner Ads and Sticker Ads.
In order to make a profit from Face3 starsbook Rails, you must adhere to a set of laws and conditions, and one of these conditions is:

Lives in a country that achieves this characteristic.

Having more than 5 thousand followers on your account.

You must have at least five videos.

60,000 viewing minutes were obtained in the last 60 days.

There is no clear requirement, but at least the video must have 100,000 views.
After providing these requirements, you can activate the ads and start earning from them, as you will get 55% of the profits from these ads, while Facebook gets 45% of them.

3. stars

You can make a profit from Facebook through Rails through the Stars feature, which is one of the most amazing and profitable methods.

You can obtain these stars from your own audience, as they send these stars to you, and then you will receive an amount of money equivalent to $0.01 for every star that is sent to you.

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